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Legion Ventrilo
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We are Legiøn...
        However, we aren't many yet.  In fact, we only came on-board about four months after Catacylsm rolled out.  We were just four "in real life" (IRL/RL) friends and family who all found out this is a great game to play, and enjoy spending some of our time doing so.  A lot of other guilds seemed "eliteist" or way too immature, so the four of us signed a guild charter and formed Legiøn. We now have a few very welcome additions to the guild who also are having a lot of fun playing World of Warcraft.  If you are here reading this, odds are we would probably like to have you in our guild, too.

Things to know...

        We have to consider ourselves as a social / leveling guild at this time.  We want this to change so we can begin raiding in Mists of Pandaria.  In order to do this, we need to continue to increase our membership in Legiøn.  Whether you are new and working your way up to level 90, or are almost there already, we can offer you something.

We are happy to offer everyone:
  • Quest assistance and keep you moving in the right direction with leveling your character and professions.
  • Occasionaly be able to offer you a better piece of equipment, enchantment, glyph, gem, etc. free or low cost.
  • Free repairs to all guild members (amount varies based on guild rank and is subject to change). 
  • Help with achievements, i.e. obtaining companions, mounts, dungeon meta-achievements

If you want to join us so we can begin raiding, Legiøn will offer you the following once we are doing raids (not LFR):

  • free flasks for raid nights
  • free food for your spec for raid nights
  • free repairs
  • some of the gemming or enchantments needed for any new gear obtained
  • please refer to our forum posting in General Discussion entitled "Loot Rules" for Legiøn's established looting procedure
  • Ventrilo
  • A stress-free raiding environment.  Because it is just a game.
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